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Chilly Flames Media is an advertisement company in Lagos, an independent multi-media planning and buying company in Nigeria. We deliver and integrate advertising campaigns like Spot placements, Public Announcements, Programme Sponsorship, Interviews, Mentions across all media channels including Television, Magazines, Radio, BRT, Newspapers, Billboards etc., So if you are looking for an advertising agency in Nigeria to plan and manage all your campaigns across different platforms, Chilly Flames is the answer.


Advertisement Company in Lagos

From a local radio campaign, a national outdoor advertising campaign, to managing your social networking, as a top advertisement company in Lagos, we will calculate the best standalone format, or mixture of media to achieve the objectives of your brief.

Furthermore, with the relationship we have built with the largest media owners, industry bodies, and global advertising networks in Nigeria we are able to plan and buy your campaign, utilising media owner information, industry leading planning tools and also our own independent data. We are committed to building the biggest advertisement company in Lagos, Nigeria.


Chillyflames is a radio advertising agent in Lagos, Nigeria. We can place radio commercials on all the radio stations within Lagos and Ogun state.

During radio’s golden age, advertisers sponsored entire programs, usually with some sort of message like, “We thank our sponsors for making this program possible”, airing at the beginning or end of a program.

While radio had the obvious limitation of being restricted to sound, as the industry developed, large stations began to experiment with different formats.[15] Advertising had become a hot commodity and there was money to be made.The radio industry has changed significantly since that first broadcast in 1920, and radio is big business today.

Although other media and new technologies now place more demands on consumer’s time, 95% of people still listen to the radio every week. Although consumers have more choices today, 92 percent of listeners stay tuned in when commercials break into their programming.

The numbers can show who is listening to a particular station, the most popular times of day for listeners in that group and the percentage of the total listening audience that can be reached with a particular schedule of advertisements. The numbers also show exactly how many people are listening at each hour of the day.

This allows an advertiser to select the strongest stations in the market with specificity and tells them what times of day will be the best times to run their ads.

We also produce award plaques in Nigeria and office and safety signs in Nigeria. In addition, we are a top branding and advertisement company in Nigeria.


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We also produce award plaques in Nigeria and office and safety signs in Nigeria. In addition, we are a top branding and advertisement company in Nigeria.