Name Tags

Name Tags in Nigeria by Chillyflames are of two types, the temporary name tag: These are the ones typically can be written upon so that the wearer’s name may be handwritten or printed. Permanent name tags are usually made of lightweight metal or plastic. A name tag in Nigeria is a badge or sticker worn on the outermost clothing as a means of displaying the wearer’s name for others to view. Name tags may be temporary such as a sticker with the iconic image being the “Hello! My Name Is ________”;or it may be a more durable type.

Name Badges



Name tags may be attached to garments with adhesive or worn with the assistance of a magnet or pin. Plastic or metal name tags can be attached to various backings used to attach to the clothing of the wearer.

There are many types of name tag backings, including magnetic backings, locking pins, swivel clips,military clutch pins, alligator clips, and cell phone attachments. Magnetic backings, because they do not puncture clothing with pins, have recently become more popular for name tags. Some name tags are worn around the neck using a lanyard or necklace.

Name Tags in Nigeria

Name tags are used by some customer service companies, such as fast food restaurants, so that customers may identify employees by name. Professional employees or representatives of public-facing organizations such as universities, banks, or other companies where employees do not wear uniforms, may wear name tags as a way of distinguishing or identifying the bearer as such, while allowing the employee to wear daily business wear. Police and military personnel often wear name tags that are separate from the badges that identify their official capacity.

Bus conductors in Nigeria will soon start wearing uniforms with name tags and identification numbers as part of measures to sanitize their operations.

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