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Chillyflames is a tv advert production company in Lagos, Nigeria. Advertising revenue provides a significant portion of the funding for most privately owned television networks. In the last Ten years, the number of commercials has grown steadily, while at the same time, the length of each commercial has diminished, TV Advertisements of this sort have promoted a wide variety of goods, services and ideas.

The viewership of television programming, as a metric Yardstick for television advertisement placement and consequently, for the rates which broadcasters charge to advertisers to air within a given network, television program, or time of day.

It is important to choose a television production company and advertising agency with pertinent expertise in these two areas, and it is preferable to choose an agency that both produces advertisements and places air time, because expertise in broadcast quality production and broadcast standards is vital to gaining the advertisement’s acceptance by the networks.

In nigeria,  TV advertisement is generally considered the most effective mass-market advertising format and this is reflected by the high prices TV networks charge for commercial broadcasting airtime during popular TV events.


We have our TV Links as far as Abuja, Kano, Owerri, etc. For now we don’t have in Sokoto state, but we can endeavor to reach out to Media partners over there. However we always work with specifics… as the pricing and impact made by different radio platforms is subject to target market and brand commodity.


Our  Media Planning and brand Placement in Eloquent Advertising is arranged in 6 stand out Packages:

(1) Starlite Package

(2) Sparkle Package

(3) Ambassador Package

(4)High Flyer Package

(5) Kings Package

(6) Revolution Package)

These are all strategically packaged for brands with differences in Budget frame and timelines….There is a pattern in this forecast. Television is now being complemented by digital.

Digital and TV are as of now the most powerful media of advertising as we know them.

In Nigeria. DSTV, a payTV provider in Nigeria shows Big Brother Naija. The show has commanded one of the largest viewership than any show in Nigeria’s history. However, the audience of this show are strongly engaged in voting, chatting and all other trivias via Twitter, Facebook and WeChat.

Tv advert production company in Lagos




So far as TV is still the most cost effective platform to consume video content especially in this part of the world, the influence of television will still be far reaching for many years to come.


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